Jacqueline Van den Ende - Carbon Equity


🎵 A new episode out 🎵

The main theme in this episode is building a team from scratch and attracting talent with

Jacqueline van den Ende, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Equity.

Main takeaways:

💃 Always hire superstars, it's worth paying the little extra as they will bring so much more to the team and build an exceptional culture

🤺 We have to learn to accept more easily failure as this is how we learn and improve. "It's not the critic who counts; ... but the 'entrepreneur' in the arena"

🌲 Why climate change is the biggest theme of our century

❤️ This was an incredibly honest conversation on team building and culture that any entrepreneur can learn from. A million thanks to Jacqueline who was generous with her time and shared her story with us.